What We Do?

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A one stop shop for all travel related services, isha caters to the full fledged money changing needs of its clients. Its Forex Division engages in the buying and selling of foreign currencies, currency cards for B usiness and Leisure trips. A team of highly experienced professionals, guide you on choice of currencies and offers them at most compeve rates. The services are available at your door steps upon demand as per the guidelines of The Reserve Bank of India.

Access Services

Retail Forex

At Isha Travels, our Retail Forex services cater to individual travelers and small businesses, offering seamless and competitive foreign exchange solutions. Whether you're planning a leisure trip or a business venture abroad, our Retail Forex services ensure you have access to a wide range of currencies at favorable rates, enhancing your travel and trade experiences. .

Wholesale Forex

Isha Travels excels in Wholesale Forex services, providing comprehensive currency exchange solutions for large-scale businesses and institutions. With a focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness, our Wholesale Forex offerings empower corporations to optimize their international transactions, manage currency risks, and streamline financial operations on a global scale.

World Currency Cards

Experience financial convenience with Isha Travels' World Currency Cards. Our innovative prepaid cards eliminate the hassle of carrying cash and offer the flexibility of multiple currencies on a single card. Ideal for frequent travelers, these cards provide a secure and convenient way to manage expenses while enjoying competitive exchange rates worldwide.

Western Union & Money Gram Money Transfer

Isha Travels facilitates swift and reliable international money transfers through our partnerships with Western Union and Money Gram. Whether it's sending funds to family members or facilitating business transactions across borders, our Money Transfer services ensure a secure and efficient means of moving money globally, meeting the diverse financial needs of our customers.